About Us

MDS Sr. Sec. School was established in 1996 under the ageis of Smt. Mohan Devi Somani Memorial Trust.

A unique Child Media Lab has been established to impart education through an innovative approach. The ultimate aim of the institution is to develop its students into confident, smart, intelligent, awakened and responsible jewels of the society and the nation.

Philosophy and

The guiding philosophy and long term objectives of our institution are governed by two simple yet powerful phrases KAIZEN :- Continuous Improvement “KAIZEN” – a Japanese word, means continuous improvement in small incremental steps. This means a concentrated and ongoing effort to improve the quality of living and working.


Our Aim is
To Create

Liking for Knowledge, Motivation for acquiring Knowledge, Conviction in the power of Knowledge, Total Personality And Total Knowledge.
This mission statement of the institution sums up its working ethos. The institution strives to amalgamate both the dimensions of education process – Personality and Knowledge.