Our Mission

Our Mission

The main objective of the institution is to build young citizens of tomorrow who are ready to face challenges and harness opportunities. MDS Sr. Sec. School provides the fullest opportunities to its students to develop an all round personality in addition to scholarly pursuits. The institution has adopted the phrase “TOTAL KNOWLEDGE TOTAL PERSONALITY” to reflect this mission and to achieve this objective, the following infrastructure has been developed for the overall personality development.

Innovatively Designed Pre-Primary Section : MDS KIDS WORLD

The Pre-Primary section is uniquely designed to provide a natural warm, cozy and playful environment to tiny toddlers. Life Size cartoon characters, play apparatus, mini zoo, fish aquarium, colourful classrooms, audio visual aids with Apple iPads and dedicated TVs and green natural surroundings provide young children with an ideal environment to grow and learn. Well trained teachers use innovative play way methods to impart education in a most stress free atmosphere.

Unique Child Media Lab

In a pioneering effort, the institution has established a unique Child Media Lab. Based on UNICEF’s Early Child Education (ECE) model, this lab (first of its kind) is an excellent tool for providing education in an interactive, creative and playful manner. The lab helps in developing creative, language (written and oral) and recognition skills of the students through life size models, puzzles, creative art work, simulation of real life surroundings and educational equipments.

Preparing Future Generation Cyber Kids

Information Technology and Internet have radically changed the world we live in. MDS has set up an Internet ready Computer lab with the latest state of the art hardware, and software. Besides being a tool of interactive teaching, the lab will build technology awareness and widen the horizons of students through internet education. The Institution is firm in its belief that MDS Student should be an integral part of this cyber generation.

Library Facility : Keeping Pace with the world

An innovatively designed and well stocked library is an important point of mental relaxation at MDS. The library is well stocked with reference books on General Knowledge, Indian Mythology and History, Science, Entertainment, Encyclopedia with latest information, Newspapers and magazines. Reading habits are inculcated in students while imparting knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.

Personality Development

In addition to academic excellence, equal importance to the development of multi dimensional personality in its students. A unique Personality Development Programme (PDP) has been included in the curriculum. Development of personality through dramatic story telling session, outdoor activities (visits to public places like Banks, Railway station etc.), personality grooming sessions and audio-visual aids will enable our students to develop into confident young citizens ready to face any challenges that come their way.

Upholding Indian Heritage and Culture

The institution strives to achieve a blend of modern education with rich Indian heritage and culture. MDS educates each one of its students about the rich and diverse Indian culture and its proud heritage so as to develop them into fine human beings with strong character and impeccable moral strength. Meditation, Yoga, Sanskrit shlokas, celebration of all the festivals, patriotic songs, prayers and teaching of traditional Indian manners are some of the features included in this effort.

Conveyance Facility

The school has its own conveyance facility and owns buses and vans for the students to pick and drop the children safely. MDS Kids World has a separate conveyance facility to care little ones properly.