Best Primary School
A Better Learning Future Starts Here

Primary school follows the National Curriculum and ensures that students moving to other international schools have an easy transition with the demands of the curriculum.We believe that all students should benefit from the rich experiences that life in India provides and have adapted the curriculum to maximise the opportunities which exist here.A strong emphasis on honesty, pride and integrity is tied in with the school Learner Profile attributes. With our strong well-defined curriculum, students grow into being well-rounded, happy and responsible people.


Learning Through Experimentation

Experimentation allows students to manipulate objects and ideas and negotiate meanings between themselves and with the teacher during the lesson.


Robotics And Coding

The coding and robotics subjects are aimed at guiding and preparing learners to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively collaboratively and creatively.


Well Planned Educational Programme

I. The emphasis is on developing basic academic skills and instilling good study habits in children. II. We Create and enforce classroom rules to teach students..


Learning With Fun

I. The educational program is centered on involving parents for building their children’s individual growth.
II. Apart from formal lessons.