Best Secondary School
A Classical Education for the Future

The Secondary School gives students a supportive, yet challenging learning environment, helping them acquire lifelong skills. The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students receive a broad, balanced and clearly articulated learning environment, building upon the foundations laid in Primary school. Students are prepared for the internationally recognised programmes through exciting, application based class room teaching and learning.We nurture students to become intellectually curious, creative, respectful, caring and discerning young adults, conscious of their responsibility to the community and their environment.


Emphasis on knowledge

Emphasis on knowledge, understanding and application through projects, presentations, assignments, laboratory work, field trips, etc.


Creativity And Talent

Creativity and talent are nurtured through dance, drama, music, art, craft, etc. Creativity is a vital skill students need to be successful in school and life.


Learning Through Field Trips

Learning beyond the classroom through excursions and field trips. Such visual and practical experience allow students to remember, learn and understand subjects.


Workshops And Seminars

Teaching-learning strategies involving workshops, seminars, talks, presentations, group discussions, etc. reinforce concepts. Seminars, workshops.