Rules and Regulation

General Rules to be followed by all MDSians

In order to maintain discipline and to ensure efficient functioning of the institution, parents and students are required to observe rules and regulation as laid down below (and those that may be laid down in future from time to time).

  • The reporting time is 7:40 a.m. sharp for classes I-XII and 8:40 a.m. sharp for classes PG–HKg.
  • The student, for all purposes, will always come to School in proper school uniform only and will have to have minimum 75% attendance compulsorily otherwise he/she will not be allowed to appear in the final examination. A written request must be made to the Director/Principal in any other case.
  • The student will have to report in the school on/before school's reporting time. In case of delay, the student must have a valid letter/application signed by the parent/guardian in addition to being mentioned in the ALMANAC. Student will be sent home if he/she is late in school more than three times.
  • The student will respect all the staff members of the school and will not indulge in any unethical behaviour with the staff members of the school.

Fee Rules

  • Fees once paid is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE IN NATURE. Tuition fees may be refunded by applying in writing within 4 weeks of the start of the session (100% in first week, 70% in second week, 50% in third week and 25% in fourth week). All the fees will have to be deposited before the 10th of every month as per the fee card provided. Your sincere cooperation is solicited.
  • If a student seeks to leave school for whatever reason, a notice of withdrawal will have to be submitted, failing to which he/she will be required to deposit the entire relevant fees till the date of withdrawal notice in the office. The fees will be charged till the date of Application of TC or 60 Days of absenteeism which ever if less.

Parking Rules

  • Parking facility at own risk is available to the students using two wheelers. Parking fee (Rs. 50/- per month) will be charged as per rules of the society. However, the school management will not to be responsible for any loss of vehicle/ damage caused to the vehicles or for unlocked vehicles
  • It is mandatory for the students to wear helmet and carry the driving license.

Fines & Penalties

  • The Student is not allowed to bring any gadgets like mobile, music player etc. In case of any emergency, prior written approval of the Principal/Director will have to be taken. In case it is necessary to carry a mobile phone on some occasion, then it must be deposited in the school office. If found, may be in switch off mode or otherwise, FINE OF RS. 500/-WILL BE CHARGED. If any kind of photos clicked in school uniform or in school campus without approval from the authorities are found, the mobile will be confiscated and a monetary FINE OF RS. 500/-WILL BE LEVIED.
  • The student will not do any harm to the school property. In such case, if any harm is done to the school property, the student will have to bear the liability double the amount of loss. The fine will have to be deposited within stipulated time otherwise the student will not be allowed to attend the regular classes and may face expulsion from the institution.
I hereby undertake to abide by all the rules and regulations mentioned here. It will be my responsibility to keep up with the rules and regulations of the school or as directed by the school authorities.

Examination Rules

  • The student will have to appear in all the TESTS/EXAMS conducted by the school. If the student is not able to appear in any TEST/EXAM due to medical reason, the student will have to produce the medical certificate and may have to re-appear for the exam in case asked by the Principal/Director. The student will not be promoted to higher class on medical grounds.
  • The student of MDS will have to secure at least 33% marks separately in practical and in theory in those subjects in which practical examinations are conducted or as per the rules and regulations of the authority.
  • Grace marks (maximum upto 8 marks) will be allotted only in one subject.
  • The student will have to appear for SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATION in case if he/she is not able to secure more than 33% marks separately in theory and practical. THIS IS APPLICABLE IN ONE SUBJECT ONLY. To pass SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATION the student will have to secure at least 33% or more marks in the concerned subject.
  • The SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATION will be conducted within 21 days of result declaration .This duration may be changed by the Principal/Director under unavoidable circumstances.
  • The student will NOT BE PROMOTED TO NEXT CLASS in case if the marks in 2 or more subjects are below 33% in theory and practical separately.
  • The result (Main Exam / Supplementary Exam) will be declared as per the school calendar or on the dates declared by the Principal/Director.
  • The result will have to be collected by the parents/Guardians only. In case, if no one is able to come to collect the result, the result will be handed over to the student only after receiving an authority letter from the parent/guardian.
  • The school's decision regarding result will be considered final and will not be challenged under any circumstances. No interference from any outsider will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • A Candidate who has appeared in an examination conducted by the School may apply to the Principal/Director of the School for verification of marks in any particular subject. The verification will be restricted to checking whether all the answers have been evaluated and that there has been no mistake in the totaling of marks for each question in that subject and that the marks have been transferred correctly on the title page of the answer book and to the award list and whether the supplementary answer book (s) attached with the answer book mentioned by the candidate are intact. No revaluation of the answer book or supplementary answer book (s) shall be done.
  • Such an application must be extended by the candidate within 7 days from the date of declaration of result in case of main examination and within 15 days in case of compartment examination.
  • All such applications must be accompanied by payment of fee as prescribed by the School i.e., Rs. 100/·per subject. A candidate shall not be entitled to refund of fee unless as a result of verification his/her marks are charged.
  • No candidate shall claim, or be entitled to, revaluation of his/her answers or disclosure or inspection of the answer book (s) or other document not concerning the candidate.
  • In no case the verification of marks shall be done in the presence of the candidate or anyone else on his/her behalf, nor will the answer books be shown to him/her or his/her representative. The marks, on verification will be revised, as per the actual marks obtained by the candidate in his/her answer book. The communication regarding the revision of the marks, if any, shall be sent/intimated to the candidate within a reasonable period of time. The school shall revise the Marks Statement in respect of such candidates after the previous Marks Statements is returned by the candidate. The decision of the Principal on the result of the verification of marks shall be final and binding.