Chandrayaan-3 success celebrated at MDS

Hold the moon in your fist…, yes,
Chandrayaan-3 success celebrated at MDS
Today, on August 24, 2023, space exploration was successfully launched with the help of class 10 students and physics teachers at MDS Senior Secondary School, Pratapnagar, Udaipur.
All the students of MDS were excited to see the vehicle going towards the sky without blinking an eye, as soon as the vehicle went towards the sky, all the students together made the whole school campus echo with Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram .
The Chandrayaan-3 success event was organized to create awareness among the students about the momentous event and provide them an opportunity to get exciting information in the field of science and space.
In the ceremony, class 10th student Kavya Purohit informed the students about the important facts of space science as well as the hard work and struggle of the team members behind the Chandrayaan mission and the latest information of Chandrayaan-3 from the students through general question and answer. Taken.
Congratulating the successful test of Chandrayaan-3, Director MDS Dr. Shailendra Somani explained what kind of hard work and dedication is required to fulfill your dreams. All these evidences, the successful test of Chandrayaan-3 and the introspective scene of the untiring efforts of the scientists is a living example of a pleasant feeling for all of us Indians. All of you should also complete the work with patience and confidence. It was a curiously successful test of wonderful scientific creative activity, which has been made meaningful by students and teachers by participating in this mission. This will increase the interest of students in the field of space science and develop awareness to encourage them towards excellence in scientific work.

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