MDS school welcomed Ram Lala

22nd January of the year 2024 is a very special and historic day for everyone because on this day the grand inauguration of the Ram temple built in Ayodhya will be done.

On this day of the life of Ram Lala, a festival like Diwali is being celebrated with great enthusiasm not only in India but also in the world. Under this, in MDS Senior Secondary School also, on this auspicious occasion of Shri Ram Lala’s life dedication, the entire school premises was decorated with colorful girls and flowers welcoming Shri Ram Lala. Rangoli was made and lamps were lit by the students. The presentation of the hymn Ram Aayenge created such an atmosphere that the entire atmosphere became filled with Ram. Ram Darbar was also established in the school.

The replica of Ram Parivar was installed in the school temple by MDS Director Dr. Shailendra Somani and Trustees Mr. Honorable Ramesh Chandra Somani and Mrs. Pushpa Somani along with worship in the school temple. School trustee Mrs. Pushpa Somani, while making everyone aware about the life and ideals of Ram, told that Ram was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is also called Maryada Purushottam because he had sacrificed even his state, friends, wife and parents to follow Maryada.

We get to learn a lot from the life of Lord Shri Ram like obeying our parents, always obeying our Guru and respecting and honoring all the elders. One should never underestimate any person. We should live a restrained and disciplined life like Lord Ram and always treat others with respect and kindness. He also told that Ram is considered as Maryada Purushottam or one of the best upholders of Dharma. Today people need to imbibe the character of Shri Ramchandra ji in their lives.

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