Annual Sports Competition was held at MDS School

‘The most important color of life is the color of the game’ with this feeling Annual Sports Competition was held at MDS School. ‘ Today, the weekly Sports Competition was launched at Pratap Nagar branch of MDS Public School on 26 December 2023. Chief Guest of the programme, Mr. Rameshchandra Somani and Mrs. Pushpa Somani, Director of Vidyalaya, Dr. Shailendra Somani, Deputy Principal Jaya Verma and Academy Principal Mrs. Rashmi Champawat were welcomed by Shrifal, Shrifal and Bouquet of Flowers. The sports leading students of the school were handed over to the commodities of Dr. Shailendra Somani, Director of the Vidyalaya Chairaha Pratap Nagar, from the school. They flying colour-colored balloons into the sky and gave the message to all the participants that you can perform your hunar through the games well. The Chief Guest of the programme, Mahaka Sanadhay, also addressed all competitors, saying that getting medals or not getting them important, but having different experiences while playing, give us an inspiration to live life. Students of the four Houses of MDS Nalanda, Takshila, Vallabh and Vikramshila organized the sports competition by Salami parade. Students of Class 4 participants in the four-houses of the school participated in the sack race and balloon race, the all the students under the class 5 spoon race and the barrier in class 9, the sack race and the bucket race and the bucket race under the school, all the students fascinated everyone by the attractive performance. English Club competition of both Class 1,2 and 3 branches was also organized in MDS. All the competitor took everyone’s mind by a gorgeous performance and presentation of theater-related content with his poetry text. teacher Mrs. Sharea Ramachandani and Mrs. Asha Yadav was the decisive of the contest. He gave the Princess Shanchar to the First Anika Sharma III and Ananya Sharma III from Class 1. From Class 2 to Lihana Suthar, I gave Sriya Sharma, Mannaya Mishra and Dhani Goel 3rd place to III and FIR Ameta and Ishita Babbai. Lavanya Kumawat, Pihu Tak from Class 3, gave Carav Shukla the 3rd place to second Mishika Mali, Patience Bansal Garima Paliwal and Vian Tamra the third place. The Vidyalaya’s trustees Mrs. Pushpa Somani awarded all the participants by trophy and certificate. He appreciated all competitors and said that getting prizes or not receiving any importance but also experience a variety of experiences, which comes us life-saving work. So you take part in every competition that is held in the school likewise make your life bright.

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