Second day of weekly sports competition in MDS

Today on 27 December 2023 the event of the second day of weekly sports competition at MDS Senior Secondary School, (Pratapanagar Branch) Udaipur was launched Deep before Mother Saraswati. The Vidyalaya’s Trustees Mr. Rameshchandra Somani and Mrs. Pushpa Somani, Director of Vidyalaya Dr. Shailendra Somani, Deputy Pradhanacharya Jaya Verma and Academy Pradisha Champawat were welcomed by the sporting trainer of the Vidyalaya Mr. Pradeep Trivedi and Mrs. Isha Sisodia by the bouquet of the above and flowers. Students from Nalanda, Takshila, Vallabhila and Vikramshila in all the four Houses of MDS, played the second day sports competition with mutual love and sense of sports. Students of the class 1 in participants of the four Houses of the school participated in the ball and bucket control race, under the jick-jake barrier race in class 2 and the Zik-jake barrier race in class 3, Mr. Prince ODICTAY, Mrs. Hemlata Baghela, Mrs. Manisha Dangi, etc played a crucial role in all the students’ enthusiasm and vigor. Joshili and effective commentary sports were done by instructor Ms. Shah Gandhi. All little students – Munhee students resonated the game courtyard with full vigor and enthusiasm by performing fabulousness. The students of Class 4 participated in the sack race and balloon race, all the students under the spoon race in class 5 and the barrier race in class 9, sack race and bucket race under the bucket race and all the students fascinated everyone by the attractive performance. The ropes were contested between the students of class 4 and 5 in which everyone enjoyed very much. Along with this, today also various dates of teachers with children were organized. The programme was completed by the inauguration of Dr. Shailendra Somani, Director of the Vidyalaya. Addressing the students, he said that the importance of sports in student life is highly. Playing not only improves physical health, but mental and social health are also encouraged. In student life, you should all get the habit of playing regularly, so you can live a positive and balanced life.

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