MDS students showcase mathematical talent on National Mathematics Day

On the occasion of National Mathematics Day, students of MDS Senior Secondary School took their mathematical skills to new heights by conducting a mensuration activity at the basketball ground of the school. Equipped with measurement tools, students transformed the field into a living mathematical canvas. The purpose of this activity is to bring the abstract concepts of mensuration to life, while demonstrating the practical application of mathematical principles in a fun and interactive way.

From calculating the volume of a basketball to determining the surface area of ​​a court, students immersed themselves in the practical exploration of mathematical concepts. The students of MDS Senior Secondary School left an indelible mark, proving once again that learning has no limits and can be as dynamic as a bouncing basketball.

The event not only highlighted the importance of National Mathematics Day but also underlined the school’s commitment to fostering a love for mathematics among the students. MDS Senior Secondary School believes in making learning a joyful experience, and this innovative initiative has perfectly embodied that vision.

Parents, staff and students gathered to witness the unique blend of sports and mathematics and appreciated the creativity of the participants. The event concluded with a sense of achievement and shared appreciation for the interdisciplinary approach towards education.

Director of MDS, Dr. Shailendra Somani told the students that every year December 22 is celebrated as National Mathematics Day on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the country’s great mathematician Srinivas Ramanuja. The purpose of celebrating it is to increase awareness among people about the importance of mathematics for the development of human life.

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